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Win 60,000 BAC Tokens

How to get the chance to win 20,000 BAC tokens on each social media you follow us.

  1. Join our discord Channel.
  2. Join our Telegram Channel.
  3. Follow us on Twitter and Mention us @BowlACoin in one of your Tweet.

Find more information about our concept here.

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When we reach 100.000 Members, we will start our excluded sale ONLY for members on the waiting List.



5,000,000 BAC
Sold = 1,672,500
From $0.02


We are looking for Partners, other coins/Tokens and early investors. ( Apply on Discord)

Rule for Private sale:

  • Minimum $1000
  • Vested for 1 year

All Token SOLD in Pre-sale Can be submitted to the VIP Staking Pool to 350% Yearly YIELD within the Vesting period.

Member Sale

Round 1

50,000,000 BAC

Round 2

50,000,000 BAC

All Token SOLD in Round 1 and 2 Can be submitted to the VIP Staking Pool to 350% Yearly YIELD within the Vesting period.

Earn CASH Pool Ticket.
20% of All Sale from Round 1 and 2 going to the Cash pool to share with all tickets.

Example, if sold out.
$7,500,000 x 20% = $1,500,000 to share.
Let’s say there are 500 tickets in the pool
1,500,000 / 500 = $3000

Round 3 Public

50,000,000 BAC
From $0.50

Round 1 and Round 2, Starting with Round 1

Members have Excluded right to sell their token, on the internal exchange to the online gamers to $0,50 to the FIRST global Tournament, with prizes up to $10,000
50X or 100X your money already before hitting the public exchangers.

More exciting things are coming, we are just getting started.

Bowl’A’Coin Tournaments:
  • Global Online Tournaments (Cost BAC tokens)
  • Global Real Tournaments (Cost BAC tokens)
  • City Tournaments (Cost BAC tokens)
  • Championship (Cost BAC tokens)
  • Company Tournaments (Cost BAC tokens)

All Tournaments fee paid in BAC tokens, giving huge demands.

What we Offer:
  • POS systems
  • Bowling Scoring system (Own BRAND)
  • Bowling machines (Own BRAND)
  • Equipment and spare-parts
  • Multi Crypto Wallet
  •  VIP Staking
  • Staking of equity
  • Selling rare NFTs

Bowl'A'Coin is Partners with BAYAD CENTER Payment solutions in the Philippines, giving us more than 4 million outlets, where our members can cash in and out their money.

As we grow more payment solutions and agreement will come in each country.